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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just wanted to write to you on your new site!
    I love you girls and am filled with crazy excitement for you! Keep up the good work and fit me in to help wherever needed.
    I know its far fetched but I would love to be involved!

    Miss ya xoxo


  2. Your website looks great…. I am so impressed:) Jackson Hole Flower Co, would love to share your line w our clients! Keep us posted on your progress!! Flowers…. art……cutting edge clothing line…………!!!!!! Keep up the great work… proud!! Send some business cards our way! Look forward to hearing about all your success!

  3. Hey Gillian! Love your stuff and what I have seen on Lindsay has got me convinced that I need to buy some clothes off of you! where/ how can I get your new catalog and order some stuff for myself?

  4. Hi
    I am opening a boutique in Ireland and love your brand. Do you supply to the European market??? Do you have a look book that you can send me via email and can i purchase online???

  5. where can i get those sunglasses with the purple lens and orange rims in the photos with the model wearing the spellbinder top????????!!!! love it!!!!!!

  6. Hello,

    I am opening a small boutique in Scottsdale Arizona. I was curious about buying from your brand! How can I get more information? Thanks!

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