Crazy Kids

Ok, I am already warning you for the extreme patheticness of our Halloween garb, but considering we pieced these outfits together after several pitchers of margs and way to much guac and chips to put you in a food comatose, we made out ok. If Travis was not in town, I cannot say we would have even gotten this far with costumes, his motivation to get us in the spirit really pulled through. After fiddeling through the kitchen and garage and finding random objects to attach to us, we were ready to go. We were the saddest group of costumes out there, but our game faces were on and we enjoyed the diy challenge(hey, at least we weren’t slutty versions of these costumes, it could have been worse). We made our way to a good ol’ house party with some homies, had some dance offs, managed several shake-weight contests, mixed way to many different types of adult beverages, and who knows what else happened, but it was good. Unfortunetely I don’t have pics to document that part of the night, only these meesly few below. Let the freak show begin.

I am not sure what everyone is exactly, but I can tell you what my costume is, a “tail light”, get it, ha, ok……sad.

Left to Right: Travis Rice, Laura Hall, Willie McMillon, Stefani Peterka, Gillian Mahin, John Makens


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