Keenan Evans Interview

We interviewed our dear friend, fashionista, and popular blogger Keenan Evans about her take on current fashion, muses, and inspirations. Keenan is my go-to girl when I need a little motivational/inspirational boost or just some good laughs.Keenan is wearing our “Garter Leggings”, available here!

1.) Hey, hey how’s it going?

You tell me?  Currently laying in my bed recovering from school… catching up on my real life at 2:43 am.  moments of desperation that require squinting of the eyes to stay awake.

2.) Tell us a little about yourself for our readers who have not yet discovered your blog.

oh man.  well

about me: 24/F/NYC – creAtive, athletic, spontaneous, energetic, computer geek insomniac with ADD.

about my blog: a daily record of my muses, inspirations, creative endeavors and anything else I feel like sharing.

3.) If you could teleport anyones closet into yours, who’s would it be and why?

Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, Erin Wasson, Liz Sarvas (my friend who has amazing style)… it is my theory that personal style and personality are synonymous.  I love quirky, intelligent, sexy, and functional.

4.) What are you wearing right now?(not in a creepy sexual way)

underwear (creepy + sexual)

5.)What do you always carry in your purse?

ipod and sony headphones – even though I wish they were skull candy

6.) What are you currently working on?

it feels like “what am i not working on”… literally i haven’t slept or done anything aside from creative projects, sewing, sketching, painting, draping, drafting, designing… you get idea… in months.  There are so many incredible projects i am working on…. tomorrow I am giving a presentation on alexander mcqueen for marketing and turning in an experimental pant that i designed for patternmaking.

aside from school i am dabling with digital collages, retouching, textile design, and contemporary illustrations.

7.)What is the strangest thing that has happened to you at Parsons? (I know how fashion school is and it can get weird.)

having a bottle of wine explode all over my classmates work?  unsure kids do peculiar things at art school – strange is everywhere.  i did have tea with the dean this past week.  and more scary than strange but several people have sewn through their fingers and had to go to the ER!!!! AHHH!HH!H!H

8.) Favorite and least favorite fall trends?

good questions.  i like the whole hot mess anything goes trend.  I kind of think the whole concept is our generations fashion legacy.   I also am loving asymmetry, modern sportswear, androgynous pieces….  i am obsessed with garments that have beautiful construction that are made of casual and soft fabrics.

9.) What do you think is in store for fashion in the future?

Fashion, like all things, is becoming more specialized to the client.  Peoples needs in clothing are evolving and comfort, quality, style, and functionality are essential.  I think clothing will continue to become more versatile in the upcoming future.  I also think clothing will become more androgynous… it is just the nature and history of the fashion.

10.) Favorite spots in NY?

i am a big fan of walking and running around the city.  greenwich village, running along the williamsburg bridge or the west side highway, columbus circle around sunset, the garment district, Around The World bookstore, parsons… clic book store, earth matters, ludlow fitness 🙂 or the david barton gym haha

this was a lame answer to this question… but there are too many places

11.) Lastly, why do you heart For Love & Lemons? (I know where you live 😉 )

I heart Love and Lemons for so many reasons… i will give you 5.

5. sexy!
4. people notice l&l whenever you wear it
3. comfort
2. 3 words : affordable designer clothing!
1. my favorite quality about L&L is it’s brand identity – Gillian and Laura are free spirited and passionate – from the blog to the garments they give it their all.  It is so important to support small businesses and brands like this!

All photos by Keenan, visit her blog here!!


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