buttons and things…

Being from Wyoming, we definitely have infinite resources to the unimaginable tackiness of leftover taxidermy projects. (I am all about preserving the wildlife in their natural habitat, not a basement wall, just so we are all clear on that.) With that in mind, I decided to go to my dad and ask him to send me some antler buttons for inspiration for the next FL&L collection I am designing, here is what he sent:

Amongst the antler buttons are several other peculiar objects, then it hit me. Oh lord, please spare me from what I think that is…. After my dad called to see If received the package, he confirmed that the long object is in fact a raccoon wee-wee. Thank you dad, my day is now complete knowing I have that sitting on my desk.  The other long object looks like a tooth, but could be questionable at this point. Besides the fact that my dad thinks he is hilarious, it kinda got me thinking about the raccoon anatomy and how that actually works….it is kinda strange when you think about it….


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