ni hao

I am here.

Sitting in my hotel room in Shenzhen looking out the window on the 16th floor, watching the rain hit the bustling streets below me, all I hear is car horns and the movie “Desert Bloom” playing softly in the background. I don’t miss home, just people, my puppies, and food that doesn’t consist of swine cooked into it. I have come to realize that I actually prefer moving around and living in hotel rooms, I strangely find comfort in that, there’s something about not knowing anyone or their language, or where exactly I am; being forced out of the comfort zone feels refreshing. China has been a trip, it is not what I expected, and so not what we are told in the US. Although it looks like Park La Brea on steriods(tons of tall buildings stacked in tight rows), obviously to fit the 1.3 billion people that live in this country, the people have been extremely friendly, helpful, and grateful. Did you know that Buddhism is the largest religion in China? In case you didn’t, there’s your fun fact for the day. Off to sketching and designing for fall 2011. Feeling Inspired. If you have questions about what I have seen in China, ask them under comments!! xo



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