Spring 2011 Shoot, Behind The Scenes

I know I have been slacking on these behind the scenes pics of our spring/summer 2011 shoot, so here they are!! We had such a fantastic two day shoot with such a great team. Ben Cope is the photographer, and he busted out his old school polaroid camera and took these amazing shots below.

The theme for this collection is more of a story of Laura and I. It depicts our journey from the rocky mountains to LA and the adventures we bestow upon. We start with the wild west, ventured through the desert and Vegas, and end up in Hollywood. It is an experience of traveling through America and the great wide open! Hope you enjoy this little tid bit until we get the whole lookbook up! xo


We had the ultimate dream team for our photoshoot: Models:Leza and Petie from Ford, Photographer:Ben Cope, Stylist: Brian Primeux, MUA: Tara Jean. We spent the day driving all over LA, jumping out of the car and taking some quick shots in the strangest places. The ultimate spot we found was the coolest alley by an old train track in downtown, it had tons of tall grass and looked very midwest, that is until you stepped into the tall grass and noticed we were in the alley where bums “relieve” themselves. It was no joke, the most repulsive, smelliest, experience. We all agreed that we rename it “bumshit alley”, laugh, tough it out and go on with the epic photos Ben shot that day(the first polaroids were shot there). We had a great day, hung with some amazing creative people, and had gorgeous photos to remember it all by. Meet the team below:

accessories and samples galore

Tara, Petie, and Katrina. Hair and Makeup

Brian styling Leza.

Ben in his element…

gorgeous Petie, and that amazing geode ring that we all adored!!

Leza the deep thinker..

Leza and Laura

Ben and Laura


Stef and Leza in “bumshit alley”

The end, till next time…..Thank you everyone who was apart of that day, we love you!!




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