I have been an extreme slacker in posting anything worthy of reading these days, you could say Laura and I have been BUSY….  We just finished up a two day photoshoot for our spring collection with our favorite photographer Ben Cope, and before that, were in Vegas at the tradeshows. Living out of suitcases, eating constant greasy to-go food, and downing double shot coffees all day is kinda how we have been rolling lately to get shiz done, but lets just say it is all WORTH IT, and makes for quit the good times! I will have much better photos to update with shortly, but for now, it tis what it tis…

Someone please get me a new camera for my birthday so I can take legit blogworthy pictures!:)

The Lemons crew at Pool.

merchandising, our favorite pass time…

If you were lost in the Luxor with an entire rack of clothes while being late to a meeting with a thirty minute time slot, you would think this looked much tastier…

not sure what we found so amusing about this at the time..

behind the scenes studio shoot..

organizing the looks

just a few of our inspo. collages

xo, Gill

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