Treasures on the 1

Several weeks ago, Laura and I did a trip to San Fran and of course, we had to take the PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY to enjoy all the treasurous nooks’ n crannies along the way…… to our joyous surprise, we ran into the Madonna Inn. And, my side-note on that…

Once-upon-a-time I was watching some travel tv show(or probably the Girl’s Next Door) and to my intrigue noticed the characters of the show promenading around a flashy pink ornamented building. I have never seen so much pink in one bedroom in my entire life; there was pink glittery walls, pink velvet sofas, pink pastel towels, ruby pink carpeting, basically enough pink to make you vomit. But, then more rooms were discovered; a caveman room made out of rocks, with a waterfall shower; an antique car room which consisted of a red, white, and blues with an automotive garage-style backdrop, and about a hundred more themed rooms. So basically, since seeing that on tv I made a mental note to one day visit there.

So now you can imagine my excitement when I saw the “entrance of  Madonna Inn” sign while cruising through San Louis Obispo. I veered so fast across traffic, Laura thought I had gone slightly mental, which in some case I did….over pure excitement.

It kinda happened like this…….

entering the lobby, where we grazed the lookbook of rooms for at least 30 min(being a libra I was no help in this process). Laura narrowed it down to these two rooms:

we figured we spend enough time together as it is, we decided to not look like a couple for once and went with “Just Heaven”. The rooms happened to be right across from each other anyways. It appeared as if a happy couple had checked in after us and booked the “Love Nest”. I am glad we left that room open to them so they could express their love to each other all night (yes, we heard it).

And, at last our room: “JUST HEAVEN IS A ROMANTIC HAVEN FAR ABOVE THE OUTSIDE WORLD. This celestial room is embraced by golden cherubs and kissed in shades of blue to create a little heaven here on earth. An enchanting staircase winds upward into a private viewing tower above the king bed…where gentle rays of sunlight filter through multi-colored glass during the day and soft touches of moonlight linger at night”- Madonna Inn

the bathroom was a key element to expressing the unimaginable of the room, the toilet seats were heated and did many other things as well…

after settling into our new humble abode, we left to explore the rest of our surroundings…

yes, those are the Shamu Jeffrey Campbells I blogged about a while ago…

fyi, the colorful tower on the roof was part of our room, that is where the spiral staircase led up to.

what do ya know, the first place we run into happens to be the Silver Bar, which was surrounded by old carved mahagony wood, and of course sterling chairs with pink cushions, pink napkins, pink menus….

while enjoying shrimp and feta cheese dip with a bottle of pinot, we got into small talk with the bartender, he was telling us all about the history of the Madonna Inn. The gist of it was about the Madonna’s, a happy little couple,  that built it. The husband, one of the pioneers of highway 101, wanted a place for weary travelers to stay along the freeway that felt like home…..with his grand idea and his wife’s decorating skills…viola…the Madonna Inn was created, of course it didn’t happen that fast, but you get the idea. The bartender also informed us that Ms. Madonna still comes into the bar every night and drinks a bubblegum martini.. I would have loved to meet that woman.

one of the dining rooms……

There is a wall with tons of old photographs of the Madonna’s, they seemed to be just precious, hard-working, and inspiring people.

and back to heaven…

Laura in her favorite Jeffrey Campbell clogs..

we made a our coffee run at the cafe before we left with nothing else but a dash of PINK sugar and had a glass of water out of a white goblet.

The Madonna Inn treated us well, and I very much recommend it as a mandatory stop if you are ever driving up the 1.

and as Ms. Madonna once said, “Whatever your need or goal, achieving begins first in your mind.”

xo, Gill


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