In the Now

Ok It’s time to lighten the mood up in here after the last extremely upsetting dolphin post, sorry to leave you hanging with a bad taste in your mouth all day, but it’s important we are more aware of these issues in order to change them. So don’t worry, I will keep you all updated on how we can help when more information is gathered.

On a lighter note, my business partner of “For Love & Lemons”, best friend, and oodle to my noodle , Laura Hall, is going to join the forces of this blog! We are now both going to be posting a little sumtin’ sumtin’ everyday. Laura, was always the more conservative, “let’s think about our actions before we make them” kinda girl as opposed to my sporadic off-the wall, “lets go streaking and be merry”(in a totally classy way, don’t worry) type actions and thoughts. But we love each other to death and that’s how we balance this yin and yang. So now you get to see both sides of “For Love & Lemons” and how we make it work!

ps-make sure to follow our blog!


Laura Mabel!

It’s possible Laura might not be picking up my coffee for me tomorrow morning after she sees these photos, they are from our “modeling” days in Australia, but I think she looks gorg! I might have started a photo rebuttal………this could get weird.

Anyways, cool things in the now:


new Wildfox video




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