The Farmer’s Daughter

The color scheme, hues, and gorgeous dresses are what first caught my attention in this shoot of actress Amber Heard for French Revue de Modes. After I looked closer, I thought the checkered drapes and blue walls looked far too familiar, and it hit me!!  “It’s the Farmer’s Daughter’s Hotel!” This is where Laura and I recently camped out for a week in LA while preparing for NY FASHION WEEK. I can’t say the room was as dreamy looking as it is in the picture(considering we had our sewing machine out, along with fabric swatches, coffee cups, to-go chinese food, and fall samples everywhere), but then again it is where we made our dreams happen!! I was so excited to come across this! It brings back fond and fun memories of just the begging of our lives as fashion designers…

||Fashion Gone Rogue||


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