Meet Cambria

She is one of our models in our upcoming shoot for summer and she is cute as a button and we love her!!


“I hope I spelled everything right haha.”

1.)What do you do?
Aside from modeling, I am your average girl. I work at a woman’s retail store, go to school full time, I love to dance, eat Chinese food, and relax Sunday nights to an episode of Dexter.

2.) What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about modeling to me is the pampering before a shoot. Nails, Hair, Make-Up! I love it! I’m such a girly girl.

3.)What’s the worst thing that has happened to you at work?
In this industry, I’ve obviously run into criticisms. My biggest one so far has been the fact that I haven’t posed nude. After I refused to strip down for a shoot, I had a photographer tell me, “Let me know when you want to get serious about modeling.” I simply replied, “Let me know when you’re not a photographer for the mere purpose of checking out naked girls.” …No reply

4.)Who do people say you look like?
Well I used to get Mischa Barton alllll the time but now I’ve been getting, “Oh my god! Has anyone told you, you look just like Taylor Swift!” I take both as a compliment.

5.)When and where was your first kiss?
Summer before high school at my best friends house. Cute boy, gorgeous face, sealed the deal.

6.) What did you like to draw as a child?
I’ve always been the biggest doodler ever. Flowers, hearts, swirl’s, polka dots, you name it, I doodle it.

7.)What did you used to want to change your name to?
I’ve actually always loved my name. It’s pretty, unique and I don’t have to share it with many 😉

8.)What do you hate to be without?
Just my handbag in general. I’ll be visiting a friend and they’ll have to stop and say, “You can put your bag down, you know?”

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