Mix and Match of the Week

PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY, every time you see one of these “Mix and Match of the Week” posts, the “For Love & Lemons” item featured in it will be 40% off. We are not going to tell you how long the sale on this one item lasts for either, could be 1 day, could be 5, but as soon as it is over, it goes back to its normal price. This is our little present to you for reading our blog, make sure you keep an eye out for our mix and match of the week though, bc a new item will be 40% off every week!! Click on the photo below and it will take you right to our store, where you will type in the code. The item of the week is the sexy, stretchy Cut-Out Leggings! The CODE for this item is “mixmatch”. Please type that code in at checkout to receive your “one time only” 40% discount!! HURRY BEFORE THIS OPPORTUNITY IS GONE FOREVER!!!

Black Sparkle Cheetah Crew Neck Tee-Wildfox Couture

Raven Talon Necklace by Leviticus-spanishmossvintage.com

Sioux Fringe Moccasins-spanishmossvintage.com

Pewter Spike Bracelet-Ben Amun



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