Dear Bali

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful treasures of your island including:

The magical sunsets


The furry friends


More friends that only make appearances at night

toilet dweller

Allowing us to unleash our inner mermaid


Perfect weather to work on our tans


Brahma Statue which exceeds the size of the Statue of Liberty 3 times


Humble nestled villages on rice paddies

rice paddie

Letting Laura be extreme on the moped without getting too hurt

laura extreme

Secret passageways through beautiful sceneries


Sarongs and temples perched on cascading cliffs

monkey temple As well as throwing me the best birthday ever!!


And a little special clip from my party…..sorry I couldn’t look a little more presentable that day

it was a long day at work!! (Notice Laura’s great b-day singing voice in the background)

Yours Truly, Gills

……….and to think this was a “business trip”………. we did actually create our whole winter line there (which I promise will be the next post), I just had to take a minute to reminisce………………

2 thoughts on “Dear Bali

  1. those are some fab photos – very jealous! I would love to save you some earrings, which ones do you fancy so I can set them aside? I am also coming to san diego on the 15th of November and will be there till December 4th, and would LOVE to see you, and I could bring you the earrings…

    Anyway let me know your plans and if you would like a pair of the studs!

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