On Our Minds and In Our Hearts

It is the time(well past the time, cause we aren’t best with timing at the moment) to be finished with our winter line designs(scattered sketches on coffee stained tattered paper), and to start the creative process of our samples. Night and Day, all we can eat, sleep, and breath is L & L. Our muse? Think a wildcat-free sprited-rule breaking-rebel girl with innate quirks,controversial boyfriends, and an adapted darker style consisting of scruffy tye-dye tees, leather pants, and vintage studded knee high boots. Her moto: Effortless, relaxed, and natural. Her best friend, a classic beauty, intelligent, desired-heartbreaker, with a vulnerable outlook and a desire for lavish things. Her sculpted sex appeal consists of slinky lace bodysuits, crushed velvet minis, and thigh highs. Yeah, their wardrobes mashed and warped together to create: “Beautiful Misfits” our winter 09/10 line.

Musical Inspiration for “Beautiful Misfits”(play as loud as you can): The XX-“Crystalized”, The Kills-“URA Fever”, “Black Balloon”, Band of Skulls- “Fires”, “Blood”, Marylin Manson-“Dope Show”, Radiohead-“Creep”, Spindrift-“Red Reflection”

Our collage/theme board of people, photos, things that inspired our “Beautiful Misfits collection”.

photos found via stumbleupon.com



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